Is it possible to have two uipath studio versions installed side by side

Hi All,

Iam using UiPath platform version 2017.1 - CE. I wish to add a custom package to a project which has dependencies that will be resolved online.
I understand that this can be accomplished by modifying “Gallery” setting that is displayed under “Manage Packages” window via “NuGet.Config” file. Another way to do this is by adding a new package source under that same window. However, the packages to be resolved are available at Nuget V3 feed URL, which can’t be recognized by the Manage Packages window. The error is “Invalid URL” for “”.

The latest platform versions such as UiPath 2018.4, 2018.3 seem to allow the resolution of online packages by recognizing the Nuget V3 feed URL.

As majority of my projects are developed in UiPath 2017.1, I wish to keep that setup as is.
Is it possible to install UiPath 2018.4 or 2018.3 side by side with 2017.1 on the same machine?. Is it possible to switch between the two versions as per the need?.

Please note that platforms such as Unity allow this type of multiple installations.

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You can install it in two different directory.

Hi @satishkumar

It is not recommended to do this because some of the functionalities may not work properly. We do not support this scenario.

Since the 18.3 version we have the Dependencies per project feature which makes it easier to upgrade and helps with projects created with previous versions. Check the documentation here: UiPath

If you still have questions, please reply here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. This is a worthy point.
I have already tried placing the custom nuget package in directories where UiPath tries to fetch from:

  1. %USERPROFILE%\.nuget\Packages
  2. [UiPath install path]\Packages

“Manage Packages Window” recognizes the custom package but the dependent packages fail to resolve as they can’t be fetched from V3 Nuget Feed URL.
Is there any other way to fetch the dependent packages automatically online, when trying to install the custom package in “Manage Packages Window”?

I understand that shifting to 2018.4 is a viable solution but I would like to know if the issue is solvable in 2017.1.
Please note the custom activity library built using Visual Studio works flawlessly when testing it with a Visual C# console app.