Is it possible to have 3 words in a filtre activity plz?

Is it possible to have 3 words or a sentence in a filtre activity plz ?

Exemple : Responsable comptable
Or : Responsable comptable interne

thank you

@Soudios Can you explain the problem a bit more? What do you mean by Filter Activity?


@Soudios Yes, I think the Filter Datatable Activity Should work considering all the values are in String format.

it works but only if i put one word, if in the input dialog message i put a sentence to be used as a filtre, in this cas it doesn’t work.

The filtre does’t work for a sentence only for 1 word

@Soudios Can you give me an Example with values from the Datatables?

for exemple i wrote : “controle de gestion” in dialog message


But i can’t find it in filtre sheet

@Soudios Can you try using an Activity like this before Filter Datatable and check if it works :
ExtractDatatable.CaseSensitive = False

don’t understand my friend, where i need to put this ?

@Soudios Before Filter Datatable Activity in this way :

it works but i don’t have all the link, because the words are not exactly as i wrote it in dialog message.

There is a way to put the extractdaba on upercase or lower to have a good base to exploit it ?

@Soudios After you type the value in Input Dialog, and get the Output say strVar, use strVar.ToLower to match it with Datatable values as After the Case sensitive assign that I have mentioned, all the values in Data table will be in lower case. Hence the values should match