Is it possible to go to a previuos activity without using flowchart?

Hi everyone, I’m a trainee uipath rpa developer, I’m developing a web automation and I want to make login with 3 tries, and in the ‘open browser’ scope I prefer to not use a flowchart just for trying 3 tries to login. I know that i can do 3 nesting ‘if’ but seem like to clumsy.

Is there any option to achieve that not using flowchart or nesting ifs? I had looked for that option in forum but didnt find anything.

Thanks for your time.

@Alberto_Palma you can add a while loop and count to 3. Just set a variable like “counter” to start with 0 and then for each iteration in the while loop you can add +1 to the counter (assign - counter = counter +1).

That’s it, shame on me to didn’t think that idea.

Thank you, I’m feeling dumb right now :sweat_smile:

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