Is it possible to give access to a user in Orchestrator with specific roles?


I am wondering if it is possible to give access to a user to allow him or her to see just some parts: specific queues, specific graphs…

I do not want a user to be able to see all the processes but only one specific process with its own parameters (queue 1, schedule 1, …)

Is this possible?

You would have to put these queues and schedule in separate folders. You could then define separate accesses for separate users. You cannot choose specific graphs or queues without separating them in this way.

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Please could you inform me on how to do it? Thank you so much

Please, how could I do it? Anthony_Humphries

In the orchestrator , you can create user with specific role and permission
Go to management> users and create user and give permission

Thank you. I cannot see “management”…


Thanks a lot. I can not see such an option…


It looks like you have an older version of Orchestrator. Click on the icon to the upper right. You’ll find Users there and the roles can be set under that menu.


2019.4, which is your version? thank you

Do we have any other way to give access to specific users, without separate folder ?
i mean with default folder, i have to give access for a user to specific process and queue etc.