Is it possible to get the Job created date?


I would like to get the creation date of the Job. Is that possible, and how?

The situation is, for example, Job A has been created on 08/29, but there are other jobs being executed on the same robot. And it ends at 8/30. When Job A running, it has to read the file of the day Job A was created.

Kindly help

@11162 you mean to get the date while robot is running? or date at which robot started executing ?

you can get the current system date at any moment by using object of type datetime

datetime_variable =

Thank you @ranjith,
but what I want to get is the date the Job been created on Orchestrator,
is that possible?


Create an Asset with type “TEXT” in the orchestrator.

At the start of your workflow use the activity Set Asset .Enter the asset name you have created and value as

You can get the date value anytime which is stored in orchestrtor asset by using get asset activity. If required convert back to datetime object since we converted the date to string format while storing in the asset.

I have no idea about directly getting the job created time from orchestrtor, sorry about that.

@ranjith thank you for your help

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