Is it possible to get or delete items in the Queue with status InProgress?

I have a queue of items with status “InProgress”. Do I have to delete the entire queue in order to get those items?
If not, how do I get or delete them?

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Why would you want to delete them?
And how did they get to InProgress status?

Well, in reality I want to process them. I was just thinking that if the program threw an exception and I didn’t manually update the status, then they would forever be kept in the InProgress status.

They will be moved in Failed, Retried (if AutoRetry is On) or Abandoned(after n retries). For all these you will be able to manually retry too.

But you need to implement a Try-Catch mechanism and use SetTransactionStatus(Failed) on Catch while working with queues.

Doing this will assure that you’ll have false InProgress items only in case of network failure between the robot and the server.

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Yeah ok. So in my case where some items have status “InProgress”, I will have to delete the entire queue as I can no longer acquire those items?

You can also leave them and ad new ones containing the same data. They will become Abandoned in 24 hours and you’ll be able to delete.

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Okay, thanks!

You can create workflow that will “Get Queue Items” with Option “QueueItemStates = InProgress”, then you can use For Each loop to set Status for these transactions or just Delete.