Is it possible to get count of value in particular section?


Is it possible to get count of value in particular section ?


Sorry I did not get you. Could you please tell more details for better understanding.


I have a section in website where different numbers are present in it.


There is a section where similar numbers are present so I want to get count of how many numbers are present in it. Here there are 2 so I should get 2 in the result.
Similarly there could be 3,4,5…

@Marcus_Rashford That depends on how the numbers are present in the Web page. If it is present as a Table. You can use Data Scraping. Or else you can use UiExplorer to identify that element and try to check the attributes having the values you need. Then you can use Get Attribute Activity for that Selector with input as attribute name containing the value

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Could you please show me screenshot of it and need to check once how the data looks like.


I want to get the count of A text in this section.
Here there are 2 but similiarly there can be 0,1,2 or 3.


As @supermanPunch said, once give it a try with Data scraping and check it.

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Data scrapping is not working.

@Marcus_Rashford What was the Error it had ?

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same topic was der where he was also not able to do the data scrapping from same website

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