Is it possible to find a control by this text?

In the applications that I am working there are shown two different windows which displays a message according the executions result, For example.
1.- The process was successful
2.-The process was wrong, verify your information.

If I use the selector It gives me the same information in both and I cant recognize what the result was for this reason I am consider to look for the text window so that I can control the result but I don’t sure that Uipath has an activity that let us get an object according its text.

Some tools have this syntaxes to search for a text

Obj.Find(property, value, depth)

In my case It is something like this
Obj.Find(“Text”,“*wrong, verify your information”,3)

Is it possible?

This is why the Get Attribute activity is made for.



While Mihai’s answer should be a suitable answer for this case, you might want to also look into FindChildren activity, as it does what you’re asking for (search in nested elements for specific things).