Is it possible to extract the contents of PDF and include it into an email body to be sent?

I have currently scheduled an automated report from a reporting server, however it always sends the report as PDF attachment. I would like to have the PDF content just immediately pasted into the email body and then forward it to other colleagues in the department, whenever I receive that automated report email.

yes …you can use read pdf activity and use send outlook mail message activity to pass the output of read pdf activity as mail body


Please check the Below attachment
it will help you


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Yes, it is possible to extract the contents of a PDF and include them in the body of an email. This can be achieved through a series of steps involving PDF extraction, content formatting, email creation, automation setup, and email forwarding. The process requires utilizing tools or libraries to extract the text from the PDF, formatting the extracted content for readability.

Write a script or program to generate an email with the extracted PDF content in its body, automating the process to trigger when receiving the automated report email, and forwarding the email to colleagues. Complex PDF layouts may require advanced techniques, and non-programmers may seek developer assistance or third-party tools for this task.