Is it possible to extract fields which has no labels or add new fields labels to the existing model?

Great feature…
I just tried it works awesome…
Is it possible to extract fields which has no labels or add new fields labels to the existing model ?

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Hi @Qutubuddin,

The model extracts fields without labels without any problems, it’s the advantage of cutting edge deep learning technology! :slight_smile: For adding new fields, we can do that if you let us know what fields you need. Providing the ability to add fields and retrain deep learning models on the fly is something that we are working on, planning to release in Q1 of next year.


Hi @Qutubuddin

Can you please help me to get field values from ExtractionResults

I have tried below but its not working.


Hello @kuldip.gohil - use the Export Extraction Results activity.

It generates a DataSet. You can the use it in a foreach dt in ds.Tables, and to see what it contains you can use a write range in excel (don’t forget to check the print headers option as well). You can also find this functionality in the sample workflow referenced above


Thank you, I had not seen sample workflow… Just seen. Thank you!

Hi @alexcabuz

So far i have identified “Terms” and “Item Description” fields from multiple invoices,
Can you help by adding these fields.


Hi @balu,

The size limit is mentioned in the post, it is 4MB or 2 pages maximum.

The item description is already extracted, it is the “description” field in the items table. About the “Terms” if you are referring to the Payment terms, like 30 days, or 45 days, then this will be available by the end of July.


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Hi @alexcabuz

Thanks for clarifying on my query.

I have a request to add a document of type bank statement in Taxonomy manager which may help us to automate some process related to bank recon.

Thanks & Regards

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Hello alexcabuz,
Its a great Feature, Thank you for this.
Can we also add the field “Project no” that i can not extract now from my invoice?

Hi @Nayana11,

This sounds like a very specific field on your invoice which would require training this ML model on your data. We are planning to offer this capability in Q1 2020.


Hi @alexcabuz

I want to extract data like vendor GST number, our GST number from the invoice, PAN number which is necessary for Indian invoice format, so please help me to get data from the invoice with these fields.

You can use extractionResults.Serialize to convert results in JSon format after that you can get any data from json by deserialize it