Is it possible to draw your own box at which the process uses to look for text?

Dear UiPathers

Is it possible to design your own “box” at which you want the process to read a text?

I want to draw my own box in which the process needs to be looking (reading) some specific text and then move that box 100 pixels to the right. Is there an acitivity or extern acitivity from the marketplace which allows this?

If you need additional ellaboration, please do let me know.

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would be helpfully.

Also have a look at this activity (when a dynamic attended indication is needed)


Dear @ppr

Thanks for your swift response, I appreciate that.

So, I have a task where I need to go into Outlook and look in the calendar for each month. Here’s an example of what it might look like. In reality there will be a lot more meetings than those 3.

I need to go into every day (block) and see if there is a meeting and delete it/ them. So, in my example you can see, I have three schedules, one on the 4th of January, one on the 16th of January and one on the 19th of January, I want those to be deleted. The procress will be ran once every month to delete these since they will eventually become outdated.

In UiPath I can use a Use Application activity and declare Outlook as the application. I now want to make an if-statement somewhere in my process and do something like this If the current block has a meeting delete it else go to the next block until all the blocks has been searched for

My initial thought was to use the Indicate On Screen activity and increment the box with (x,y) pixels (height and width) such that I will go through all the blocks, however, this does not work as planned. Do you perhaps have any suggestions on what might be done?

Thanks in advance!

maybe following approach will better serve:

Dear @ppr

I forgot to specify, that my Outlook IS NOT Office 365, but Outlook 2016, hence why we don’t have Azure and can’t use that acitivity on my process. Pardon me for the confusion.