Is it Possible to Delete Rows ( Words) Which Contains Successive Consonants or Vowels?


Is it Possible to Delete Rows ( Words) Which Contains 3 or More Successive Consonant or Vowels ?

Example :

AADBCAC → To be Deleted ( 3 Successive Consonants )
ABCUAFIP → To be Kept
ABOAUST → To be Deleted ( 3 Successive Vowels)
AZETUOP → To be Kept

Thanks in Advance

give a try on regex

e.g. with a isMatch it can be checked if this pattern was found, then trigger the delete

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Thanks @ppr for Prompt feedback, Is it possible to set the value >=3 ? not only 3

Hello, yes is posible just add a comma after the number 3

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Thanks @ppr

Could you please check what is missing to get desired words in Text file? Thanks in advance (15.2 KB)

@hsendel - Please find the updated workflow (73.2 KB)

In the project folder, you can find the “Output.txt” file which contains all the filtered words. Please refer to the below link and verify…

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Thanks @prasath17, But the Output is not the Desired one, I want to exclude those words that contains 3 or more successive Consonants, and keep complete words that doesn’t meet this condition which is not the case here.

Example : in below list I should get only the first word in Output ABUEDOC because it doesn’t meet this condition and the next 2 words will be deleted:

@hsendel - I misread your requirement. Apologize…

Please check this… (83.0 KB)

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Thanks a lot @ppr & @prasath17, and @Manuel_Dominguez for your Great JOB !!! … By the Way any Good Reference for Using RegEX in UiPath?

Best youtube video link for regex(from where I learnt)…

Regex Megapost

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