Is it possible to delete or update mulitple records in Data Service at once in Apps?


I have a scenario where a user is adding records to a Data Service entity one by one. However when the user is finished and some action has happened, I need to either delete all added records or update all added records with a value during runtime.

How is this possible?

I can only delete the first record using the lookup function, and I don’t know how many records the user will input as it differs.



@stch ,

we don’t have this functionality yet for Loop on list and call rule. THere is plan for this by year end.

@stch ,

Can u try by querying the entity with a time of the day and update the field

You can use Query entity records Activity to retrieve the data and use update entity record activity to update the records

Hi @stch

Have a look on the video link


Thanks for the answer. Hope to see this functionality soon.

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