Is it possible to create a calendar to run a process (triggers) based on a file?

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I hope you are having an excellent week. I need to run a process on very specifics dates at the year and I have a spreadsheet with all these dates. Is it possible to create a schedule based on this file?

I was looking into the Non-working days restrictions but I’m not sure if it would be helpful.

Thank you beforehand

You can update the Non-Working Days, or have a CRON expression to schedule that process

Using Cron Expressions (

Thanks for the response, rahulsharma.

What I have is this:

So for better understanding, is your idea to create a non-working days rule selecting all the days that are not on this list?

For the cron task, I am not sure I can specify these very specific days


Currently there is no capability for triggering based on a “Calendar” similar to the non-working days. In order to do that today, you’d need to manage the triggers externally and create / modify the triggers as needed via the API.

Doing what you are looking for natively in Orchestrator, you have a couple options

  1. Create a Daily Trigger, and apply a non-working day calendar that includes every day you do not want the process to run.
  2. Create a Daily Trigger and have the initial step of the Process determine if it should run or end gracefully based on criteria
  3. Apply a Trigger definition or cron expression that applies to your cadence
  4. Create multiple Triggers using a cron expression that targets the specific dates. (This could get cumbersome fast unless you had something to manage the creation / deletion of the triggers as a rolling task.

Based on your example you want the Trigger to fire off every 4 weeks on Saturday starting 12/26/2020.

Unfortunately the normal triggers don’t have a feature for “Every x period starting on y date”… that would be a great feature request to submit in the Feedback Orchestrator part of the forum I think.

IF you could change your cadence to be the 3rd Saturday of every month as an example, you could define that with a cron expression like

0 0 17 ? * SAT#3
At 05:00 PM, on the third Saturday of the month

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