Is it possible to copy and paste 50 rows and then open again the file an copy another 50?

I need help, I am trying to do copy and paste from CSV file but the web page only permit 50 entries at the same time so, how could I program it? the CSV file sometimes has 77, 150, 301 rows, every hour the CSV file change


I would read the entire CSV file, and the create a loop that enters information on the web page. I don’t know the specifics of your web page, but you can add a counter to only input 50 and then refresh/enter/next to the next page, and continue with the remaining. I’m envisioning using ‘If’ activities to check if your web page can handle more information.

There are multiple ways at configuring this design so please supply more information of your requirements or add an example .xaml.

I will try to explain with more details, I am stuck in the next step, I wrote the CSV file with Uipath and the next that I need to do is copy and paste 50 rows, but some times the CSV file contains 77, so how could i open again the CSV file and copy the rest (27 rows) and finish the process

this is the file
Main.xaml (32.6 KB)


From the file that you uploaded, it appears your ‘For Each Row’ should work. I tried to reproduce your error but I don’t have the same excel add-ins.

A few things:

  1. As you become more advanced, I’ll challenge you to incorporate more VBA into your workflow. This will eliminate you having to find selectors within Excel. Also, if you’re having trouble with selectors, try experimenting with anchors.
  2. From a high level, you should read all rows and store them in the computers memory in a DataTable. Then, use a decision in your workflow to determine when 50 records have been processed. As of now, your workflow is entering in one row at a time, and then restarting. Depending on your process, try moving the beginning steps of where you clear the sort from the data to outside the loop. This may help your workflow become more reusable.

Your workflow reminds me of Check out the challenge and see if it will help your requirements. Essentially, the challenge is to read an entire dataset, and populate fields on multiple web pages. There is a lot of documentation out there on how to accomplish this feat.

Sorry I can’t give you an exact answer on how to fix your problem because I don’t have access, but hopefully this outline can help you accomplish your goal!