Is it possible to connect Uipath with IOT projects

I need to connect the Uipath to IOT is it possible in that project we have to handle the huge data so

If it possible can you explain breaf how? It really helps me.

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Hi @copy_writes
IOT with RPA is a interesting field to work,

for more information on IOT with UiPath, @TonyNudd can help you

He had done some interesting projects in IOT.

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You can certainly use IoT with UiPath, you will need to connect IoT and UiPath with something to exchange data like cloud DB.
If you can explain exact scenario, I might help you with that.

can i look that one

Actually am new to IOT project I never interact with IOT project hear I need to extract that data and save it in The data base.

Chethan P

you need some microcontroller with Internet connectivity like ESP32.
then use API to save data to database

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Can i get any video tutorial or any project (demo) it will help me

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Thanks for the plug @NIVED_NAMBIAR

Typically IoT solutions need to handle Event-Driven data. The best way to do this is in production for example, is to connect UiPath Orchestrator to Node-RED … See the link below.

I have also created some personal IoT projects with Arduino and Raspberry-PI … I used the UiPath Custom Activity Builder to attach robots to a Bluetooth connection… not recommended for mission critical but allows home IoT projects controlled by RPA to be created.

The overview of the Node-RED activity…

"Ever wanted to start a process from your phone, smart watch, or Amazon Echo? How about tell a robot when something important happens in Salesforce or SAP?

With Node-RED, the entire Internet of Things is now at your disposal when building workflows. With an easy drag-and-drop interface that treats everything–from Slack to a smart washing machine–as a node within a network, you can connect together every piece of your digital ecosystem, including UiPath."


Thanks for sharing your knoweldge @TonyNudd

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