Is it possible to connect a machine with two different user accounts on Orchestrator?

Hey @Palaniyappan,

Looks like a more specific Orchestrator URL is what the settings were looking for.
Putting the URL as displayed in the screenshot worked for the new user;


Though for the old user, just “” also works perfectly fine!


  1. The Orchestrator Settings window is not accurate when displaying errors; for anything wrong, it just says that the Machine Key is invalid.
  2. The Orchestrator URL works fine in two different formats - for different users.
    Is it just because the old user was created before introducing the change requiring full address?
    Basing second point on the following from this post:

"Have maybe created robot in Orchestrator already and connected it to machine?
Please also try to write full address including you account name and service name like:
** **<account name>/<service name>** **
Please also tell me when have you created this orchestrator tenant?"

@loginerror @Pablito - tagging in case it looks like a product feedback