Is it possible to capture the data of a row inside an application?

Hello friends.

Client needs to automate this but I don’t have the app yet .

Does anyone has automate similar to this ?

Inside the application, there would appear many rows of information and I need to select only rows with values " 8 " in column "Referencia.

I’m not sure if the bot could get the data inside an application like telnet and do the activities above.

This looks like it’s a mainframe. You need to use UiPath.Terminal.Activities and connect with Direct Connection (easier than using a third party client).

Then you can use the terminal activities to work in this app, get text from the screen, etc.

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Oh and specifically what you’d do here is…

  • use the Get Screen Area activity to get all the text in that whole square section of the screen, into a string variable
  • split on VbCrLf to break it into an array of rows
  • loop through the array of rows
    – break up each row into the individual columns, usually by length for a mainframe screen ie first column is the first 10 characters, next column is 2 characters, third column is 25 characters, etc
    – Add data row into a datatable

That’s how you’d take the raw text from the screen and break it up into a proper datatable.

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