Is it possible to capture outlook account runtime?

Hi Everyone,

Is it possible to capture the outlook account during runtime in Getoutlook email activity


Your query is not clear to me, can you explain what exactly you want to do ?

@skini76. Thank you. I mean is it capture the outlook account name i.e In Getoutlook mail message activity there is property called Account name and we usually give the email associated with that outlook. My query is whether we can get outlook email account runtime and assign it to a variable in Account name property.


Yes, you can store the account name in a variable and mention the variable in the property window.

Ula, Generally the account is stored in a Config file or an asset if you want to allow updates when required (best practice)
And then we use a variable to get that value like skini76 mentioned

For your requirement, i did some research but wasnt able to find the header as account name is not part of the mailMessage variable like subject body or header.

If i get something will let you know.

thank you @nadim.warsi and @skini76

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did you get a solution for your challenge?

I am having the same scenario as designed processes need to deploy in the number of machines.

So we need to capture outlook account name in runtime?

Can you please help me if you have a solution for this.