Is It Possible To Bypass Insights Connection To Orchestrator SQL Database?

Is it possible to bypass the Insights connection to Orchestrator SQL Database?

To enable Insights, there is a hard requirement for it to connect to Orchestrator DB to back fill historical data. If there is no need historical data being migrated, theoretically, it should be possible to enable Insights for new data, but back fill/ warm start will fail.

Note: It may be possible to run the back fill/ warm start from the Orchestrator server, but this feature is not thoroughly tested and hence shall not be supported. Broadcasting Orchestrator DB is also not recommended.

Copying the Orchestrator DB on the Insights server will not work, since UiPath does a special ingestion and it is not a direct copy-paste.

To get the best and smoothest experience using Insights, it is imperative to fulfill each and every of the Hardware & Software requirements.