Is it possible to automate vmware (secured server) activities in browser using customize activity only?

I need to automate certain simple activities in a secured server (VMWare-vRealize Operation Manager) in chrome. But Ui Path only can be running for login and click on the navigation bar, other activities such as click on certain2 button or the image cannot be detected by Ui Path (UI Element does not exist- error)


If you can’t able to get any selector, then you can try with Image activities / CV activities

Use CV click / Click Image activities

Hope this helps you


I also used VMware-vRealize Operation Manager for a long time, and I can say that I met a number of problems there, including exactly the same problem as you have. The solution with Image activities / CV activities unfortunately did not help me and I do not know what else to do for this. Operation Manager was suitable for my purposes, but I got tired of constantly Googling solutions to these problems and I switched to vmware vcentre server which has many more useful features. Most likely I won’t use them all, but in any case it has much less problems and it is user friendly.