Is it possible to automate the below requirement

Hi folks,

We have one requirement could you please let me know whether this process can be automated or not.

Requirement is Shift roaster automation.

1)Total 6 members.
2)4 shifts.
3)1 person should be in night shift(10-7am)
4)1 person should be in morning shift(6-3pm)
5)2 persons in afternoon shift(1-10pm)
6)2 persons in general shift(9-6pm)
Each employee should rotate all four shifts in month, 2 employee can be excluded from night shift in month.

Does above process can be automated.

Your question is not clear… you wanted to run BOTs during those shift timings ?
Where is your Shift Roaster application ?

HI @venkatmalla6

Can you tell me what each person do on their shift?
What is the application?
What are the steps carried out?

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Hello @venkatmalla6
can you give try on below xaml and let us know if it works for you or not
Roaster.xlsx (8.9 KB) [was facing issue with build datatable activity hence reading an excel file]

Main.xaml (17.0 KB)