Is it possible not to use Validation Station in Document Understanding?

Hi. I have a large quantity of files that want to process with Document Understanding platform. But because of the presence of the Validation Station, it seems an impossible job. Is it possible not to use Validation Station? I have to somehow train the model but is there a way to skip the validation by the human?

Yes, of course it is possible.

The Present Validation Station activity is not a mandatory part of a typical IntelligentOCR workflow/sequence.
You can follow just the necessary steps, i.e.

  1. Load Taxonomy
  2. Digitize Document
  3. Classify Document Scope - [Your choice of classifier]
  4. Data Extraction Scope - [Your choice of extractor(s)]
  5. Export Extraction Results

Use the output from Step 5 i.e. the ExtractionResults object.


Thank you @codenameCata

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