Is it possible mainframe automation through web based emulator?

Hi, Is it possible to automate mainframe application which is accessed through web based emulator?If yes, which option to select while configuring the terminal session in UiPath

There is not much information on this topic, can someone please help!


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Hi @nehalakhani!
Yes, it’s possible . You just need to combine some actions, check this post below:

More details about mainframe :

Hope it help you.

~Diego Turati

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@nehalakhani, it helped you? If yes, could you mark this topic as solved in order to help others community members?

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~Diego Turati

@DiegoTurati Sorry for coming back late on this.

I have gone through the material provided by you which seems great. However, I am working on POC where we have to connect to mainframe application while working on Studio v2018.1.7 only.

The details we have got from the client is that it is web based emulator (Web3270).So, Would you be able to help what options we have if we need to work on v2018.1.7.Which emulator provider should be used?

Many Thanks in advance!


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Hi @sangeetha,
Sorry really I don’t have experience in Mainframe. I hope some will answer this.

Thank you

Thanks Bala

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I have a similar requirements where we need to login and extract a table from web based mainframe emulator. Can anyone please suggest how to automate such case?

Yes it’s possible. UiPath will just see it as a browser app, you won’t use Terminal Session nor any of the Terminal Activities. You’ll just use regular UiAutomation activities.

As @postwick mentioned, one way would be to handle it as just a web app and go with UI Automation on it.

The only alternate way to bypass the web app and resort to Terminal Activities would mean going for a Direct Connection for which you would need at the very least:

  • Backend Server IP Address and Port
  • Protocol type (IBM 3270, VT 220, Telnet, SSH for example)
  • Encoding

The other parameters may work with the defaults or try various options in their dropdown list.