Is it possible if we can drag the 2 columns together by the bot and put descending order for both of columns "Date of save" and "username"?


@anjasing This application looks like SAP. There might be some option called Export to Excel. After exporting to excel you can read the Date of Save and Username columns and put the data in the order you want

But, just dragging the two columns together might not work as expected for SAP with the bot

Hello @anjasing ,

Could you please elaborate the automation requirement here? Grouping the 2 columns and sorting of columns needs to be done in the application itself or you just want to get the table data and reformat it?

Hey! I want to sort the 2 columns together in descending order if I do one by one…it won’t work…that’s why I asked of dragging and taking 2 columns together and then clicking on descending.

@anjasing Just want to know do you want to perform this action in the application itself

yes I need to perform this action on the application itself