Is it possible for the tool (batch file) not to automatically closed when an error occurred?

Hi UIPath Community,

Need some advice. I have a tool that is being executed via batch file and whenever there’s an error in the UIPath it’s being automatically closed. Is there a way for the tool to continue running not close when there’s an error and just display an error message? Hope you can help me. Thanks!

Hey @elizmarie

What are you referring here as tool here ? Is that UiPath ?

Please confirm.


Hello @elizmarie ,

Are you trying to run some batch file using uipath? or executing the uipath process from the batch file?

If first case , inside the batch file you an write condition to return the status. If its returing false(means errored), that return value needs to be read with Uipath and restart the batch process.

Hi @Nithinkrishna, yes UIPath… I’m running it via batch file.


right click .bat file and click edit
then add cmd /k to the end of your .bat file then it wont close

cmd /k

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