Is it possible for a client application running on Citrix to expose some of the selectors and hide the few? While trying to locate the selector using UiPath, the part of it getting exposed and the rest is restricted

There is a client application on Citrix environment, which we are trying to automate using UiPath.
However, we are unable to get the selectors all the elements on the form. Is that possible to design the application in such a way that it exposes selectors only for few elements?

Hi kindly try with computer vision activities in this case

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Hi Palaniyappan,

Thanks for the reply, we are aware of CV stuff, howevere just wanted to understand from application point of view. Since we are using .MSI it should expose the selectors? Can application be designed in that way, probably its a .Net based application.

i would like to ensure that whether are we trying to access that citrix environment from being in a local machine and local machine uipath studio
is it so…

Yes, from local machine where UiPath is installed to Citrix machine where application is running.

then we will projected only the image of the server, so we wont be able to access few of the elements (i hope mostly) in that case we can either go for send hot keys or image based activities and now to next extent COMPUTER VISION activities can be used
Though its a .MSI or even .EXE application we will be projected only a image as its from a different server…so the elements can’t be accessed unless we are using that server directly

hope this would help you
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Thanks Palaniyappan.

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No worries
Any other queries to be discussed buddy
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Will keep you posted if something comes up.
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