Is It possible Citrix Or RDP robot will work on Window Lock

Hi All Dear ,

I have created Citrix robot using Studio now I want to use this robot as Back Office Robot . I have following doubt , can any one help me for below mention point ?

  1. If I converted above Robot for BOR then that will work on window lock machine or not ?
  2. Can we run this robot on window minimize mode ? because we don’t have access to install any things in Citirx. I am dealing with screen only .
  3. Is it is possible BOR for this type of Automation or Robot .

Please help me for above point .

Thanks & Warm Regards,
Thiyagarajan R

Hi Thiyagarajan,

If the robot is licensed with an Unattended Robot License, then the answer is yes. Unattended robots will run on locked and minimized screens.

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