Is it normal to have "..." after a long filename?

I have a path and used the function Path.GetFilename for my File Paths. some of my file names are complete. some has “…xlsx” at the end. Is this normal? I was hoping for a complete file name.

Where you are viewing file names with “…xlsx”?

Is in the UiPath Studio inspector?

If yes, the inspector has a maximum number of characters… Path.GetFileName will always get the exactly name of the file. Also, check if the “…” is not part of the file name.

I’m printing the string in a cell in Excel

Hi @wdescalsota

Please check this sample:

Main.xaml (5.9 KB)

Just execute an see if you get the same result:

I think I have the same code with this “Path.GetFileName(in_WorkbookPath)”, before I print it in the cell in excel, I store my data in a DT, can this be one of the reasons why I’m experiencing this?

In you DT, check the max length of you column.

Use -1 to not apply any limit.

Add Data Column Activity:


Build Data Table Activity:


I did this as well

Issue is still unsolved, I tried the last solution recommended by @alexandretperez

Hello @wdescalsota ,

Can you write here the name of one of those files?
Also, in your code, can you write the file name in a write line or log message, to see how UiPath is writing that?

Did not saw this till now, so I’m curious how long/how many characters have that file name.