Is it normal i don't receive any email from uipath after evaluation?

i’m scared for hackers and wrong info evaluation . i didn’t receive anything in my mailbox. the evaluation
took many time too plus from the Support ticket i didn’t got an email too. :thinking:
i have many problems with my ex hacking me the last 2 year and the police can’t help. he’s (they are) a pro (s) :rage: so for me it is difficult to know it is my own fault or their fault when i have problems and I’m tired of buying other devices so i’m going to try it this way to get correct info.
If it is not normal i don’t receive emails then i think they block them/me

Sounds nasty. Hang in there. Don’t blame yourself. I know its easy to say from my end, because i’m not in your situation.
In case of email or other online accounts it is best to use 2FA authentication instead of just a password. Buying other devices won’t solve that. Change passwords every month and don’t use a password a second time. You could try proton email. Its a free and encrypted :

For 2FA authenticator you can use Authy. You can use that from your browser as a plugin and on your phone. If you switch devices you still have your 2FA accounts.

For every person it would be best to change passwords regularly and not use the same password twice. There are plenty of good password managers out there.


Can you tell us what mail you are expecting from UiPath?
edit: i’m sorry, i didn’t see the label of Academy. You are probably waiting on the email verification of your exam or course you completed?

maybe @loginerror can verifiy why the evaluation email was not send?

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Hello @E_lanotte
I’m assuming that you’re talking about academy evaluations?
Now, usually (from my experience, at least) UiPath would indeed send you emails regarding your academy courses, whether it be to inform you about newly enrolled courses and successfully completed courses.
Although, If you haven’t been receiving such emails I still wouldn’t be so quick to jump into the hacking scenario. But here are some easy things you can do to put your mind at ease:

  • You can ask someone from UiPath support here in this forum regarding this issue and they’ll give you some suggestions, although I think you’ve already done this if I’m not mistaken.
  • You can create a new email address and change the email address that you’ve used for the academy by editing your Academy profile.
  • You can also view in your current email address all the devices which was used recently to login into your email address and select a “Don’t recognize this device” option which will log you out from that device.
  • You can also change your password in your current email address and choose the option to sign you out of all other devices, so all currently logged in devices would be logged out.
  • You can also enable 2-step verification in your email address’ settings, this will make your email service provider send to the phone registered in your email account an OTP which will be needed to log in even if the correct password is used, this will make it harder for anybody to access your email without your knowledge and phone.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask and we’ll try to help you out if we can.
Have a great day! :vulcan_salute:

i didn’t just buy other device… i used new accounts, didn’t link my phone, buy McAfee pro and started up my new device on other network for installing the antivirus before i came home, change router password/settings, but have problems from the first day. Somebody changed the password (from other device) of my new laptop and many other things. i have to put more effort in my internet connections, trying to unlock my accounts, router no more possible to change password because everytime the router saves another password than the one i type. it is very annoying. i make passwords with keygenerator (30 digits) but all no work. the mcAfee account is hacked too i’m afraid :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I would like to help you out, but that is going offtopic here. I will send a PM instead.