Is it necessary to use Get Transaction Data State in Dispatcher process using REF?

Hello experts,
Should i keep or remove Get Transaction Data State if my process is Dispatcher ?

The scenario is : I have to open and download excel file from website.
I only have to Set the web site url at Config file in Setting sheet.

*What i have done is :

  1. Set the website url in Settings Sheet.
  2. At Initialize State in InitAllApplication Workflow i have open the website and do login stuffs.
  3. In process Workflow i have done some clicks activity to download excel file.

So considering this process, do i really need get transaction data state in Reframework ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @RobotUi

If you are not dealing with multiple transactions and your Dispatcher is a one-time execution, you can simplify the RE-Framework by removing the “Get Transaction Data” state and write the necessary logic directly into the “Process Transaction” state. Adjust the framework to fit the specific requirements of your process.

Yes, i have removed the “Get Transaction Data” state from REF of this scenario.

Do you think i have done it right for this scenario ?

Hi @RobotUi

For this process it’s not a better option to use REFramework to add the queue to Orchestrator means Dispatcher.

You can do it in a simple Sequence workflow, you can store the URL in assets and call the asset by using Get Asset activity then you can perform easy steps to download excel file and send data to Queues.

Hope it helps!!


Since you are dealing with a Dispatcher process to open a website, perform login, and download an Excel file, there is no need to use the “Get Transaction Data” state.

Yes, by removing the unnecessary states, you are simplifying the RE-Framework to better suit the requirements of your process. This can improve the clarity and maintainability of your automation solution, making it more efficient for your use case.

but my client want this process to be created using REF

Okay @RobotUi

Don’t remove the Get Transaction Data State, you have to change more logics if you remove it.

Instead of doing that, Create a Dummy Queue in Orchestrator and add a single Transaction with some data which you are using in Process Transaction to queue for one run of RE Frameworks. You have to add this data in First run sequence in Initialization state. As Usual, you can launch the Application in InitAllApplications workflow, in Process state you can develop the code to download the excel and add data to queues.

By doing this you no need to remove Get Transaction Data State for RE Frameworks.

Hope you understand!!

Then how to to set the value of retrynumber so that if there is system exception it should try for 3 time which is set in config file.

I have removed the Get Transaction State .

how to to set the value of retrynumber so that if there is system exception it should try for 3 time which is set in config file.

@Anil_G @Peter_Lawson


If you remove get transaction data and if you still need retry …then the condition if checking transaction number which generally should be kept in get transaction data should now be kept in initialize …with that the transaction conditions also need to change

Instead retain get trasaction data …change the transactionitem from queueitem to string or number just like place holder

Then in get transaction data remove get transaction item activity and use if conditon with in_transactionnumber =1…and on then side assign out_transactionitem=1 or anything and on else side use out_transactionitem=nothing

This way retry also will be fullfilled