Is it necessary to have separate license key for the onprem orchestrator dealing with database activities

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If we are using database activities and when we need to publish it, do we need any separate license key, can’t it be published without the license key.
Please help me in solving it out.


If you are using specific features or activities, such as database activities, that are not included in the base package, you might need additional licensing for those features. UiPath offers various add-ons and packages that provide extended functionality.

Hi @Usha_Jyothi,

Thanks for your support.
But I need to publish in the orchestrator , when publishing the development that uses database connections, do we need separate on prem orchestrator?


The choice between cloud-based and on-premises Orchestrator primarily depends on your organization’s preferences and requirements, but both options support deploying automation processes that involve database connections.


You dont need separate license to publish any project…but you need the automation publisher role or required permissions to publish a process…so please check the same if you are give enough permissions to publish a process


Hi @Anil_G ,

Will check over and tell the result.


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