Is it necessary to create Robot account?

Hello experts !
I have a query : is it necessary to create Robot Account in Orchestrator ? and assign that account to folder to run in unattended robot ?

Can someone please explain in clear manner.
What’s the relation between Robot, Folder, User Account, Unattended mode ?

It’s so much confusing to get clear understanding.


Robots as of now are users itself in the modern folder. The users which are assigned a robot role or automation user role are robots

Robot license is needed to run a bot on a machine

Unattended license is to run the roboton a virtual machine without any user logged in manually.

Folders are basically like different units and each folder will have access to only the same folder related queues assets etc.

And we have to assign the robots to folders so that robots can access them to use the queue or assets or processes in that folder

Hope this helps


Is it necessary to provide role to user ?

What if no role is provided to user which is assigned to specific folder ?


That particular user will be able to see the folder but all the tabs will show zero or access denied… like the processes assets, queues etc


Can I run same bot in different machine with logged in same user id ?


If you created machine template for each machine, then yes you can use the same user to login to any of vm


What is the necessity of purchasing Attended License ? if developer cannot trigger process using UiPath facility although there are different ways to trigger process .


Attended user is not for trigger from Orchestrator…the whole purpose of attended bot is to work with human on same computer…if triggers are working then user has no control on runs

So only unattended bots have the trigger capability from orchestrator

where as attended bots have triggers with user events

I mean community version can provide the facility for unattended bot and by default attended bot.
Why would someone pay for Attended license ? Is that worth paying for attended license ?


community version does not have the full capability…it is ideally meant to use personally or to try out things.

On community you have no control on upgrades and all…No on prem if needed…

In general these are the difference


I can create as many Robots as I want and can assign to Folders and create a Job.
I can login with same user let say 5 computers and can run my automation in those computers that I want to.

Then why I need Attended License ? It better to purchase unattended license, isn’t it ?


Yes you do not need attended if thats the case…you can purchase unattended…

That is the reason you have flex plans depending on your need you can purchase


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