Is it good to use Click Text whenever we see a text in an element?

Hi All

We are doing ui automation in an SAP application. There is an inner box where a name/names of a file/multiple files appear as a result of a search by a string. We need to click on the exact name what we have searched from the inner box.

We are doing as follows:

  1. Using Click activity and in the selector passing the filename variable in the ‘aaname’ attribute.
  2. Using Click Text activity and Indicating the whole inner box and passing the file name as text.

But we observed that whenever the file name has multiple words separated by space its not able to click. Kindly help what might be the issue and how can we resolve the same ?

Hi ,

By using this itself , can you try by using ( * ) insidead of space of the filename.

Actually we have passed variable of the filename in the aaname attribute.

Is it possible to try by replacing space by *.

Can you check my previous comment ?

Can you please share one sample selector variable .

The aaname we have replaced with variable. aaname=‘{{filename}}’. filename is the variable.

Hi @kkPatel,

you Can try by using,assign variable to pass the filename variable in to the click activity/click text and check the selector if any static values in aaname or inner text make it (*) instead of space of the file name.


Hi @1996

This is resolved now. Actually we replaced all the spaces with * in the variable and passed to the aaname attribute.Then it started working for all the names with single word and multiple words. We are using Click activity.