Is it appropriate to keep in dataTable?

In SQL database I have a table with 1 key column + 20 value columns.
That will require 21 variables to pass back and forward through all workflows.

To work in Studio with, is it appropriate to keep all these data in dataTable or is much easier to store it in List, Dictionary and so on ? Some practical example will worth a lot to help start faster.


Yes you can keep all the Data in the DataTable, Easier way to process cases.


Hello, @IPIX - Execute Query is the activity name used to get the data from a SQL and the output is data table. Now, you can loop through the data table to retrieve each row value that makes the process easier. Have a look on the attached workflow for ref (3.0 KB)

@ushu : Thanks, I’m familiar working with dataTable activities.

But what I am looking for is to understand if for my set of data (1key + 20values) there is a better way to store and work with in UiPath.

@Gokul001 : I found easy to work with dataTable too. But may be there a better way to store and work with my set (1key, 20 values) ?

Maybe you can use Queue?