Is it always right to put all logout and close applications in the End state?

Hi All

In our logic we are checking if there is any new items present in the queue to be processed. If not present then we don’t execute the InitAllApplications workflow.

And then it goes to the End state where we have all close applications logic. But as there is no applications opened it doesn’t find anything to close and throws exception.

So where to put the close all applications file.

Hi @kkpatel

Reframework are designed with best practices

In end state we are adding worlflow which end the process or close the application or close the browser

Hi @kkpatel,

Best practice is : whenever you modify the REFramework, you keep track of those changes and have appropriate logic to handle your changes in the following stages.

A simple solution:
Since you have modified the REFramework files when starting the process, you could just make an additional variable FoundQueueItems (Boolean) at the end of your logic check, which you could use in the CloseAllApplications.
In CloseAllApplications, If FoundQueueItems (True) --> Then Invoke CloseAllApplications, Else Do Nothing. That way you know your process would perform the required stages and in the end close all applications.

@kkpatel Hi,

Please check in Close Application workflows, from which activity you are getting exception. Try to put a condition to avoid it.

Lets say, if the application is open, then close or leave.