Is it advisable to have a UiPath Studio in production?

I know theoretically a studio should not be installed / exist in production. But from the forum posts here and there, it seems that a lot of production envs do have a studio set up.

So is it really so bad to have a studio in production? If not, how does one handle in case some production-only errors happen?

I would like to have a clear understanding. Thank you very much

Hi @ui_xpath,
It’s a very good question. Well first thing is the fact that Studio consumes license as well. So in case you have limited licenses and Robot has been deployed on production computer, running the Studio can cause an issue. Second thing is that Studio can edit the projects and in case if to computer have access more people it might went to potential security issue. And last but not least Studio as a development tool ideally should be installed on the computer which is for admins/developer only and which can connect to test and prod orchestrator for package deployment :slightly_smiling_face:

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