Is it a big issue if we don't solve the Container Usage error once we analyze the project?

I only have 4 errors. It concerns the 4 below Container Usage issue.
What should I do to solve the problem.

I read in a previous post, that in the below code I have to remove the app=‘jp2launcher.exe’ and then it works.
I’ve tried to that it doesnt solve the problem ( I dont have the error listed) but when I run the file it doesnt work.

Could somebody help me with this?


The error occurred based on workflow analyzer rules, refer the image below. Use Open Application or Attach Window to add Parent attribute of application.
Workflow Analyzer Rules ensures project to meet high quality and reliability standards.

Hope this may help you.

Hi, I already saw that info before but I’m not sure I understand well. Do you have an example of .xaml file ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


The Workflow Analyzer Rules ensures project to meet high quality and reliability standards. It doesn’t have much impact in execution of process but to achieve standards in workflow need to follow workflow Analyzer rules.

I have attached a sample workflow, build multiple “Type into” activity for a desktop application for your reference. In your workflow four “Type into” activities built with full selector, Its suggestible to Open the application initially(before for each) and within the “Do” container of Open application build the activities.

Sequence3.xaml (10.4 KB)

@mce This is not error rather a warning.
For ensuring quality of code does not degrade it advances/follow some pre defined best practices /rules, if these rules are not followed, UiPath Analyzer shows these messages. Every message is defined by a code.
In your case it is `

UI-DBP-006 Container Usage Top level selector used outside scoped containers

This means that you have used consecutive activities in your automation that have same top level selector, instead of doing that you can use a container, and defined top level selector in it. These top level container are more reliable and easy to modify in case of change.

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