Is Installation support for enterprise license holder free or paid?

One of my customers is in progress to purchase UiPath Enterprise license.

As far as I know, UiPath Enterprise license comes up with support.

Is on-premise free installation support covered under Enterprise License ? or is it paid support for on-premise installation ?

I don’t think on premise installation is covered, you may have to pay for that. There are UiPath partners who can provide onsite installation. But you can manage yourself.

Hi @hacky

You are right that the Enterprise license entitles to extra support, as stated in this comparison:

However, the on-site installation is an extra service provided by the above mentioned implementation partners. It is not included by default in the price of the license.

This can all depend on the scale of implementation and on the individual needs of every customer. I think it is best to contact our Sales advisors for more info:

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