Is IMAP and SMTP server address and Port numbers are same?

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Is IMAP and SMTP server address and Port numbers are same.

I have SMTP address which i can send emails but using same server address by changing port number ,i could not able to receive messages from IMAP activity.

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Actually they are different
Imap server is
Port Number: 993

Where as the smtp server and port details are
SMTP server address:
And Port should be 587 - if we are using TLS and 465 - in case of SSL.

The main difference I’m between them is
IMAP is extended as Internet Message Access Protocol, used to receive email messages from the internet
Where as
SMTP i.e. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This allows transmitting email messages over the internet. Basically, the protocol handles outgoing emails

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Hi @Palaniyappan

Thank you for your response.
Currently am working with outlook email validation.
I have used SMTP with address( and Port Number(25)provided by IT admin team,but when i requested for IMAP address they said they dont have this details.

For IMAP ,which server address i have to use?
And if i want to use business emails like,username and password are mandatory?

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Yah of course we need credentials to be mentioned
While using Imap or smtp activity
Cheers @RajeshT

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Useful Info about ports and servers of the mail from my bookmarks :slight_smile:


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