Is excel need to be installed if excel used as database?


I am trying to access excel with database connect activity using connection string and doing some operations on data fetched from excel using DB query.
So, I wanted to understand if we’ll need excel to be installed on machine if we are using database approach to access excel. Actually we may not have excel installed on prod machine, so need clarification on it.



Yes, Excel application should be installed if you want to make Excel file as Database.

Yes it requires excel to be installed if we want to use it either as a data source - datatable or as a DB source with sql query

This is how we use excel as database

But if you don’t have excel installed then go for WORKBOOK based activities which can run even if excel is not installed
And you will get the output as datatable and it’s more like how we perform with sql queries

That would help you on this if you can’t install excel

Cheers @shubham

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