Is Data Scraping Is For Web Only?

In UiPath Documentation, it says “Data scraping enables you to extract structured data from your browser, application or document to a database, .csv file or even Excel spreadsheet." [Documentation Here]

And I tried many times with web pages (especially with spanning pages ones), but never worked with Excel files, or desktop applications (like scrollable Data Grid). Everything not working came with the same error “This control does not support data extraction. Please select a table cell” when I think I was, selecting a table cell (whether a Data Grid cell of XLS file’s cell). And crossed over some thread in forum where it is not working too. Some example:

  1. How to get data from a grid in desktop applications
  2. Trying to get Information from Data Grid Desktop Application

Is it practically supportable for web only?
But looking from the documentation, I was wrong. But from this tutorial, even for desktop app data scraping, Screen Scraping is used. Which one is true?

It would be screen scraping for non browser applications. I get the sense that the documentations was meant more for potential customers than actual developers. Functionally it works the same, you will be prompted to verify that the table is as it appears etc etc, I think that they just didn’t want to bother with correctly differentiating between the two in the context of using Studio versus the denotation of “extracting” data.

I was thinking the same too, but there was some inconsistency with the documentation so wondering which one was true :S