Is automation without application/portal access is possible?

Hello team,

Can we implement automation without actual access to the application/portal. Suppose we need to demonstrate UIPath Automation to client. For application automation we will be requiring the access and without access automation is not possible. For example - Suppose if we need to approve the loan approval process of an financial institution, for making it we will be requiring access. Please correct me if I am wrong.

If not how can we conduct the POC? Please advise.


Well, if you cannot access the exact applications, you can create something similar to create POC?

I am in the same problem as you, so I would love to hear some solutions about this.

It means first is required to create an exact application like that and than start POC on newly created application. Is this correct? If so it will require extra efforts and additional resources and time.

No, that is not your job, you need to create process similar to their problem. Basically in POC you have to prove that your program can do the things that the client requires of you.
So for example if they need to send emails to multiple accounts you create workflow that does exactly that.

Guys any other suggestion for whole process?