Is 2022 version stable for deployment

Hi All,

I want to understand if Uipath 2022.10.3 is stable version for production deployment or not?
And if anyone already deployed robots on this version?


Hi @shubham,

What do you mean by stable? I updated a couple of production bots for some of my clients to 2022.10.3 about a week after the enterprise launch and have been working fine so far. Just ensure your dependencies are up to date since they solve a few bugs.


Hi @shubham

For most of the activities the version is stable itself. There are few bottle necks identified in few activities so make sure you change them and use modern activities . Apart from that its good for production


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Which version of Orchestrator you have been using with Studio 2022.10.3?
Any activities issues you faced or any robot issues / error?
Did you migrated from any other version or created in 2022.10.3 itselt?