iPathTeam.Salesforce.ExtensionPackage and lightning question


I am connecting salesforce test env by lightening and extension activities, after get all the consumer key, consumer secret, security token my password and username, set the env as “Design and Test” and “Sandbox” it still pop up error when I tried to connect.

The error message is “Username is empty”

but i have the correct username filled, I dont understand why this happen.

Also, i tried with uipath official salesforce activity and the connection is correct.

but I need to use the extension package & lightning

the version i used are

“UiPathTeam.Salesforce.ExtensionPackage.Activities”: “[]”,
“UiPathTeam.Salesforce.Lightning_Platform.Activities”: “[]”

please help, thanks!

@Cristian_Negulescu could you please have a look of this? thanks

Hello Jing,
Please use UiPathTeam.Salesforce.ExtensionPackage.Activities: []
Create a new empty project and test your connection. I tested on my PC and is working.

If you still have issues contact me on LinkedIn and I will give you the parameters for my test instance to understand better what can be wrong.
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cristian-negulescu/
Cristian Negulescu