Invoking the Javascript function

I am working on Fuzzy Search algorithm. So i have a list of data where i want to search for a particular string. i found a third party javascript tool and wanted to integrate the same in my sequential workflow.

(GitHub - nol13/fuzzball.js: Easy to use and powerful fuzzy string matching, port of fuzzywuzzy.)

As per the instruction, we can use the function like this.

But i need to do the same thing through Sequential workflow.
I have injected the “fuzzball.umd.min.js” using “Inject Js Script” activity but i am unable to call the “fuzzball.ratio(“fuzz”, “fuzzy”)” function.

Could someone tell me the procedure how to call this function?


Create new javavascript file and copy paste the code which you want to use (fuzzball.umd.min.js) then in the same file write your function like as below


finally it means you have to use single inject js activity to do this.

Did you get this to work? @dev.sam