Invoking one workflow into main workflow - parameters and passing variable

Hi Team,
Hope you are well. I need help.
I have two workflows. Need to integrate one workflow into another.
There is a challenge.
The output of the first workflow should be passed into another workflow. But the first workflow output has timestamp.

Please let me know how to go about this,

Hi @srinivas_pradeep

Did you create arguments for your second workflow?

You can directly pass datatime as wel or string or any type.may i know what issue you are facing?


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Hi @srinivas_pradeep

You could pass the DateTime var as an argument to the second workflow and then remove the timestamp if you don’t need it inside the second workflow.

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Hi @Anil_G ,

Thanks for the reply and suggestion. To explain the situation.
I have two workflows

  1. Invoice workflow - it extracts all the necessary information from the pdf (invoices) and store in a excel file
  2. Sql workflow - This is the one you helped me with.

Objective -

  1. Is to integrate sql workflow into the invoice workflow.
  2. Pass the invoice column from the first workflow into the Sql workflow query.

But the output from the invoice workflow in an excel file is name - timestamped. (not a static output) which i can point the sql to this location to pickup file.

When i will run the workflow the time would have lapsed and by the time it enters sql query it wont recognize. Not sure do we need to invoke a new workflow, create parameters?

Please let me know your thoughts,

Hi @sangeethaneelavannan1 ,

Thank you for the suggestion. Can you please share some sample workflow which i can have a look into it?



  1. In the first workflow create an out argument oas string type(ar1)
  2. Now while creating thw file…dont directly give the filename in the field…rather assign the filename and location to your ar1 argument and use it.
  3. And now when you need it later in sql or anywhere you can use the value in ar1 argument even if a different workflow is started then you can pass the argument value to it

Hope this helps


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