Invoking a Workflow - Sequence works when run in isolation, but does not worked when invoked to a larger workflow


I have a really simple sequence that runs fine in isolation, but does not work when invoked as part of a larger workflow, see screen shots below.

My entire process is to login to a website, download a file and click save as to save the file.

The first part of the workflow (Login and download SP1-4) executes without error and Sequence 1 executes without error when run in isolation after Login and download SP1-4 has been run.

But, when I combine the workflows, I get an error message which is also shown below.

It doesn’t make sense to me why the image is found when run in isolation, but not when added to the larger workflow. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!!



Could you share your workflow .xaml here.
It seem that UiPath Robot did not find the image. Might need to check the selector.

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I suspect delay issue.
Can you keep you activity click image In retry scope
Hope it should work

@hermawan thank you! The selector was indeed the issue, I was able to fix it by using Selector Editor > Indicate Element. :+1::+1:

As a follow up question, how do I write a condition, that if the below warning box appears, click Yes and if the box doesn’t appear, continue on with the workflow.




Use Element Exists activity and will give boolean variable output. If it is true then click ‘Yes’ and continue. Else continue with process.

NotepadSaveAs.xaml (15.4 KB)

This robot will Open a Notepad and Save the file to As D:\test.txt.
If the robot executed for the second time, Notepad will inform that the file exist.
The robot use the Find Element to detect the MessageBox Warning from Notepad.

@lakshman Thanks. I tried this set up but didn’t seem to work. For Image Exists, I set up a variable called imageexists, then in the Flow Decision set the condition as imageexists=true. Can you suggest how I should change the workflow?


Think I figured it out. Had to set Condition to True rather than imageexists=true

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