Invoked workflow override In Config dictionary

Hi all,

I have a question about config dictionary widely used into Robotic Enterprise Framework. The issue is reproduced as follow:

  1. Create two workflows

A first workflow that reads the config file, print the key value, invoke the child workflow and print the same key

A second workflow, which is invoked into the first one and override the key value (notice that the Config is passed as In argument)

  1. Run the first workflow and check the output. The key stored into the Config dictionary is overridden even when the argument direction is In.


I will be thankful if someone can explain me the described behavior and if can it occur with other types.


Andres Tarazona

Hi @loginerror

Could you please help me with this?

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate to get some idea about the described behaviour

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@AndresTarazona - oh yeah got it - 2nd workflow is just In type…
even though the value in the config reference value got updated…
understand the issue.! cheers!