InvokeCode Example

Hi I need to Execute following Code, Please guide me

Dim oWB As Excel.Workbook
        Dim oSheet As Excel.Worksheet
        Dim oRng As Excel.Range

        ' Start Excel and get Application object.
        oXL = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
        oXL.Visible = True


I need to select last sheet of the excel workbook

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I tried this but am unable to get it to work. The error I get are the same as this:

Please try this

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Hi why am i getting module member declaration expected?


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Hi ,
I have written this code how can i make it work using invoke code activity please help

Imports System.IO

Module Module1

Private index1 As Integer = New StringHelper().GetIndexofSearchText("C:\Users\vivekver\Documents\UiPath\Nokia Automation\Configuration Manager Nokia 2nd\TEST.txt", "MRBTS-486203")
Private index2 As Integer = New StringHelper().GetIndexofSearchText("C:\Users\vivekver\Documents\UiPath\Nokia Automation\Configuration Manager Nokia 2nd\TEST.txt", "[TopologyNode: PLMN-PLMN/MRBTS-486215]")
Public index_Hotkey As Integer = New NoOfHotkeys().GetHotkey(index1, index2)

Public Class NoOfHotkeys
    Public Function GetHotkey(ByVal index1 As Int32, ByVal index2 As Int32)
        Dim index_Hotkey As Integer = index2 - index1
        Return index_Hotkey

    End Function

End Class
Public Class StringHelper

    Public Function GetIndexofSearchText(ByVal Filename As String, ByVal SearchText As String) As Integer
        Dim index As Integer = 0
        Dim lines As List(Of String) = File.ReadLines(Filename).ToList()
        For Each line In lines
            If line.Contains(SearchText) Then
                Return index
            End If

            index += 1

        Return index

    End Function
End Class

Sub Main()

End Sub

End Module

i want index_Hotkey as output to my uipath workflow.Please help

Hi the activity is to read text file line by line until it finds a string and simuntaneously increment a index to know row index of line till it finds the string.Please help


i am new to uipath and i am trying to use the invoke code activity to work on excel for that i have imported through import tab in uipath studio but still gettting error for Excel.

could you pleae guide me how to use the external dll in invoke code.

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Please refer the below tutorial.



Does Invoke code reduces the performance of the Robot process compared to Activities ??

I need with a justifying answer. kindly help me out.

Hi @blaze.1411,

May be. Because we have to see how we are writing the code. And it accepts VB.Net.
The activities has been handled object well. I am not sure that we can able to do all the things in the Invoke code.
I read the invoke code will get slow . I have seen a post the below.

Note :slight_smile:
Some situation we can not avoid the Invoke code activity …


Take a look at this, i found it takes same time to process. I am unable to figure out it clearly in the view of memory consumption.

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Hi @blaze.1411,

Thats y I said may be. Depends upon the situation. But the time study is good one when we go with the performance. And if you have an activity for example to Open browser. you can use it. Unnecessarily why you are using invoke code. It takes your time also, But really I like these conversation in the form.


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Ok ! Thank You ! @balupad14 !!

Welcome @blaze.1411

Dear all, I would like to enter a VB.Net code to change my windows password. Any experiences for doing so? I have tried:

Dim res As NET_API_STATUS = NetUserChangePassword(Environment.UserDomainName, Environment.UserName, oldPass, newPass)
If res <> NET_API_STATUS.NERR_Success Then
Throw New ApplicationException(“Error setting password - Error code:” &res.ToString())
End If

However, I am getting the following error:
Error compeling code:
Error BC30002 Type: NET_API_STATUS is not defined. At line 1 Error BC30451: NET_API_STATUS is not declared. It might be due to its protection level at line 2.


I need to invoke below code in uipath, can anyone help me.

Using System;
Using System.Globalization;

Public Class Program
Public Static void Main()
DateTime time = New DateTime(2020, 4, 2);

Static Class DateTimeExtensions {
Static GregorianCalendar _gc = New GregorianCalendar();
Public Static int GetWeekOfMonth(this DateTime time) {
DateTime first = New DateTime(time.Year, time.Month, 1);
Return time.GetWeekOfYear() - first.GetWeekOfYear() + 1;

Static int GetWeekOfYear(this DateTime time) {
    Return _gc.GetWeekOfYear(time, CalendarWeekRule.FirstDay, DayOfWeek.Sunday);



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What issue are you running into when you try to just copy + paste into an invoke code activity?

Also, why are you using invoke code for this? This is a relatively simple piece of code and I dont think I understand what the advantage would be for using invoke code? It could be done using a few assign activities instead which would be quicker and easier for others to understand.

@Dave It’s not working just paste the code in invoke code activity, did you try it? it’s giving compiler errors. i need to resolve those with someone help.

Worst case I am going to do this with assign activities

To my knowledge you cannot use Class or Sub in InvokeCode.

@codemonkee You are correct, but my point is that I dont think it’s needed for something this simple. Why not just use a few assign activities instead? It seems to me that they’re just copying + pasting stackoverflow code without knowing what everything is doing: datetime - Calculate week of month in .NET - Stack Overflow

I am not 100% sure what @dilini2004 is trying to do, but it looks to me like they’re trying to determine what week of the month a given date is using a fairly simple function

If my assumptions above are correct, you could just do the following in a standalone sequence to be used as a library or standalone workflow. In argument = a datetime i’ll call in_GivenDate. Out Argument = An integer i’ll call out_WeekOfMonth. Import the System.Globalization namespace

Assign first (datetime variable) = new Datetime(in_GivenDate.Year,in_GivenDate.Month,1)

Assign MyCalendar = DateTimeFormatInfo.CurrentInfo.Calendar

Assign out_WeekOfMonth = MyCalendar.GetWeekOfYear(in_GivenDate,CalendarWeekRule.FirstDay,DayOfWeek.Sunday) - MyCalendar.GetWeekOfYear(first,Calendar.WeekRule.FirstDay,DayofWeek.Sunday) + 1

This accomplishes the same thing in just 3 simple assign activities. Of course I would probably turn it into 5 assign activities for readability (create 2 more integer variables for the .GetWeekOfYear integers), but it’s still quite simple and is much preferred over using the invoke code

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